Web apps - html / css / javascript

Sudoku solver

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Sudoku solver for easy to medium puzzles.

As I needed an exercise to learn more of Angularjs and my other Delphi version, only runnable on Windows needed larger accessibility...

Conway’s life lab - play with artificial life

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Cellular automata: Conway’s life, now running in your (modern) browser, I coded it in JavaScript and I used the html5 canvas element.
What makes this version special is that you can stop the program and wind it back, step by step, all the way to it's initial state.
So when you see an interesting shape emerging, you can trace back how it evolved. Click the image to try. 

Javascript slide puzzle - get the 15 pieces in place

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The online version of the puzzle I coded in Delphi before. With three bonus images now. Coded with javascript and jquery. Have fun… play me now.

Pattern doodler - design your own patterns in a few strokes

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An online application for fun and self-entertainment.

Go ahead, click and drag your mouse around the white drawing area, experiment with repetitions, mix them, have fun, you can’t go wrong, on the contrary. You’ll love it!

Click the image to try.


Internet Explorer: very slow.

Belgian or Dutch?

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On Belgian television, I noticed a photo of a young man with unmistakable 'Belgian' face. Or was that imagination?

I suppose Belgians recognize 'cheeseheads' or 'kaaskoppen' as well, so to find out if this is correct, I built this website as a research tool …

Snake game

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A javascript interpretation of the über known snake game. Nothing new but it should run in any browser with javascript enabled on any platform with a keyboard.

Magic Keys

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A demo keyboard for touch devices. 

  • Automagic one-tap keys
  • Larger keys
  • No dictionary
  • Adapts to your personal vocabulary
  • Presents the 13 most likely keys each time you type a key
  • Learns and enhances automagically

Only in Dutch and English at the moment.
Although it will adapt to any language after a while.


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With this online harmonograph you can create Lissajous figures interactively. Click on the image to try.
Added the possibility to make a snapshot and share it with almost any social platform you like. 

DigIt - a logic puzzle

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New version of DigIt, javascript only, so you can play it on your iPad too.

Try to guess the three numbers by revealing no more than 10 segments of these digits. 

My former employer, Richard Renken, had the idea for this game once. He made it out of cardboard. I did it in JavaScript.

Langton's ants

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Langton's ants is another cellular automata project which I coded in JavaScript and I used the html5 <canvas> element. For a description of Langton's ants look here on wikipedia.

Click the image to play with it.


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You like Candy Crush Saga? Alphabetty? Well here's Summit

In this game you make trails of numbers and other signs like +, =, -, * and /.
These trails must form valid equations like: 7+6=13.
The longer the trails, the more you score.

Note: no touch functionality yet :|



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My previous game Summit seemed not too challenging so here's a new version which is a combination of Summit with Snake.

In this game you make trails of numbers and other signs like +, =, -, * and /.
These trails must form valid equations like: 7+6=13.
The longer the trails, the more you score.